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Shizuoka Bank at a Glance

Nurturing the Vision of a Prosperous Community

Nurturing the Vision of a Prosperous Community

True to a corporate philosophy, which aims to“expand dreams and affluence with our community,”the Shizuoka Bank Group makes an ongoing contribution to the development of the region around Shizuoka Prefecture, which forms the core of its business base. This corporate philosophy incorporates not only an economic dimension but also a cultural one: living in harmony with the local communities and the people we serve, sharing prosperity with them as a home-grown local banking group and a member of the regional community, and also helping local people to live more fulfilling lives.

A First-Class Regional Bank Group

The Shizuoka Bank Group comprises Shizuoka Bank and thirteen Group companies, and is one of the largest regional banking groups in Japan. Centered on Shizuoka Bank with the Head Office, 176 branches and 26 sub-branches, the Group serves the needs of customers not only within Shizuoka Prefecture, its home region, but also three major economic centers in Japan, namely Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, all of which are comparatively nearby. For overseas operation, the Bank operates in New York, Los Angeles, Brussels, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Sound Assets

In addition to minimizing the occurrence of non-performing loans by helping loan customers improve their management, the Shizuoka Bank promotes business turnaround and clearing of non-performing loans off its balance sheet. As a result, as of March 31, 2018, risk-management loans totaled \92.8 billion and the ratio of risk-management loans to total loans was 1.11%.
 In the case of the application of partial direct write-off, net risk-management loans, which exclude loans guaranteed by Credit Guarantee Corporations and the amount covered by collateral or allowance for loan losses from risk-management loans, totaled \11.9 billion and the ratio of net risk-management loans to total loans was 0.14%.
 Credit-related costs remained low and the ratio of creditrelated costs to average balance of total loans was -0.05%.

* Partial direct write-off is an accounting treatment. With partial direct write-off, the amount deemed collectible through the disposal of collateral and execution of guarantees is deducted from the amount of loans to legally bankrupt borrowers or virtually bankrupt borrowers, and the remaining amount is directly written off from the amount of loans. The Shizuoka Bank does not apply partial direct write-off.

High Credit Ratings

The Shizuoka Bank has ratings from two international rating agencies and one Japanese agency.
At the date of this annual report, the Bank has long-term and short-term ratings of A1 and P-1, respectively, from Moody’s, and A and A-1 from Standard & Poor’s. These credit ratings are among the highest received by any Japanese financial institution.

(As of July 17, 2018)

  Long-Term Short-Term
Moody's A1 P-1 *
Standard & Poor's A A-1  
Rating and Investment
Information, Inc.
AA -  

* There are four credit ratings, P-1, P-2, P-3, and NP, in descending order. NP indicates “Not Prime” and means speculative grade issuers.

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